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With 25 years of experience in renovating houses she is the perfect partner for you when  creating your home or holiday retreat.

With her extensive knowledge of the property market due to her simultaneously selling and buying properties, she is bound to find you the property of your dreams.


Her motto is: 

"Find the flow in a house and work with it."

Use one red thread and take it throughout the house in order to create the “flow” in perfect harmony with your choice of interior design.


She very rarely demolishes a house because she believes a house has a history to be respected. The challenge is to create a new history that corresponds with the new owners wishes and taste and optimize space according to their needs.


Because of her quest of always delivering precise and perfect quality she is very present on the site giving you peace of mind during the process.


Her love of noble materials, art, design – modern as well as classic allows her to design interiors with eye for detail and create something very special made just for you.

Her projects and repeat clients are testimony to her professionalism and knowledge.

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